William Woods University

Admissions Fall 2008
Graduate application fee: $25
Undergraduate application fee: $25
First-professional application fee: $0
Admissions office web address: www.thewoods.edu/admissions/index.asp
Admission Information: Fall 2008
Total Male Female
Number of Applicants 613 153 460
Percent admitted 84.8% 79.7% 86.5%
Percent of admitted who enrolled 35.8% 40.2% 34.4%
Percent of admitted who enrolled part-time 0.19% 0.82% 0.0%
Test Scores: Fall 2008 (enrolled first-time students)
Students submitting scores Count Percent
SAT 43 23%
ACT 171 92%
Test Scores: Fall 2008 (enrolled first-time students)
Test Score 25th Percentile* 75th Percentile**
SAT Critical Reading 455 595
SAT Math 410 570
SAT Writing 450 590
ACT Composite 19 25
* 25% of students scored at or below
** 25% of students scored above
- Data apply to first-time degree/certificate-seeking students.
- Institutions are asked to report test scores only if they are required for admission.
Admission Considerations
Required Recommended
Secondary school GPA x
Secondary school rank x
Secondary school record x
Completion of college-prepatory program x
Admission test scores(SAT/ACT) x
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language x
* Note: Although we strive to deliver the most current version of this information, the above data is subject to change over time. To obtain the latest iteration of this information, please contact EveryJobForMe.com directly.